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Let's Spice Things Up

It's all about flavor.

At Voodoo Spice, it’s all about the taste and the WOW factor. We’re always in search of what’s new and interesting in the world of flavor profiles.  This search can sometimes lead to something we like, but often times we wonder if we can make it better by adding something else, and that’s when the magic happens. That’s what we call having fun with what you love to do.  

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About Voodoo

Ken & Denise Avery

Like a lot of people, I had a dream, a vision and a burning desire to make people happy, and when I can make people happy through my food, that’s when I am the happiest! So, over the years I have perfected my art of cooking learning what people like, learning what makes them happy and listened to them as I put my heart and soul in everything I make.

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